Study Guide

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 28

By Mark Twain

Chapter 28

  • That night, Tom and Huck loiter outside of the tavern, keeping watch, waiting for the "Spaniard" to enter, but they have no success. So it goes for the next couple of days.
  • On Thursday night, Tom and Huck return, this time with a lantern. The two boys wait until the tavern closes. They sneak into the alley behind the tavern, where Huck is left to keep watch while Tom goes exploring.
  • Huck, already frightened, is scared out of his mind when Tom bolts by him, screaming "Run for your life!" The two retreat to a deserted slaughterhouse at the edge of town – not exactly an ideal place to chill, especially after getting scared to death – and Tom tells Huck about what he saw.
  • Turns out, the door to the room wasn't even locked, and when Tom opened it up and walked in, he very nearly stepped on Injun Joe's hand. Injun Joe was passed out on the floor, next to an empty bottle and tin cup, in a room filled with barrels and bottles. The "Temperance Tavern" – a bar serving only non-alcoholic drinks – seems to have a room filled with alcohol, the devil's drink.
  • Tom ran out so fast, though, that he didn't have time to look for the box; now that they know Injun Joe hangs out in the room, they decide to stake it out full time. Huck promises to watch the place all night long until he sees Injun Joe, and let Tom know if he sees anything.
  • With all that settled, Tom and Huck call it a night.