Study Guide

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 34

By Mark Twain

Chapter 34

  • When the boys get upstairs, Huck immediately asks Tom for help escaping the house. Tom tells him to calm down.
  • Sid shows up and pesters them, as usual; he tells Tom that the party is for the Welshman and his sons, in order to congratulate them for helping her out; oh, and he mentions that she's going to spring some kind of secret on everyone, the story about Huck tracking Joe and his accomplice. Sid tells Tom and Huck that maybe he was the one responsible for letting everyone know about Huck's involvement. Tom hits him and sends him running.
  • When everyone is downstairs, the Welshman, otherwise known as Mr. Jones, tells Huck's story and thanks him for his help.
  • Then the widow tells everyone that she intends to take care of him and have him educated.
  • At this point, Tom yells out, "Huck don't need it. Huck's rich!" (34.251). Nobody knows what to make of this, and an awkward silence ensues.
  • Tom tells them all to wait a minute, then runs outside.
  • He comes back with the sacks of gold and pours the money out on the table. Boo-yah!
  • Tom explains that half of the money is his, and the other half is Huck's, before telling everyone about their search for the treasure.
  • Tom and Huck, we find out, have found more than $12,000 dollars. Assuming the events in the book take place sometime around 1850, that amounts to nearly $300,000 today.