Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 10

By John Marsden

Chapter 10

  • By nighttime, Corrie can respond to her friends, though she remains majorly messed up.
  • Homer and Kevin get his Ford and leave the Toyota at Corrie's place to make it seem like the group died in the explosion.
  • Everything is working out so far, but when Homer mentions that he and Ellie will go into town to find Lee and Robyn, Corrie loses it.
  • Once the little group is in the Ford and ready to roll, Homer and Ellie take off on bikes.
  • During the ride, Ellie thinks about how she is attracted to this new, smart, powerful Homer; she liked Lee while he was around, but now she's not so sure.
  • Ellie and Homer hold hands while riding and play games.
  • Once in town, though, it's business time: Ellie and Homer sneak toward Robyn's house and sit on the hill waiting for a sign of life. The only thing they see, though, is dubious movement from inside the house.
  • Even though they're scared of an attack, they make their way to the house.
  • It's pitch black inside, and though she tries super hard not to, Ellie makes a little too much noise.
  • From the next room, a footstep sends Homer and Ellie to the floor, but when a shotgun cocks, Ellie realizes who it is and shouts "Robyn!"
  • From Robyn, Ellie and Homer learn that Lee was shot in the leg while he and Robyn were trying to visit their homes. Now Lee is in his parents' restaurant (you know, since he can't walk). Also, a dentist they know—one Mr. Clement—is on the loose, too, though the tooth doc isn't very helpful or trusting of others.
  • Even though he didn't want to help, Mr. Clement agreed to stitch up Lee's leg and hook him up with some painkillers. The dentist says Lee needs to rest for at least a week now.
  • The friends start to bicker a bit, but Homer interrupts to say they have to get Lee out of the restaurant before the soldiers become better organized and start searching for any stray people hiding around.
  • The gang brainstorms how to transport Lee (since he can't walk), and while sneaky and quiet seems best at first, loud and crazy ultimately wins out when Ellie suggests a bulldozer.
  • From there, the pals make as good of a plan as they quickly can.