Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 11

By John Marsden

Chapter 11

  • In the wee hours of the morning, Ellie is up and shaking with fear as she starts the bulldozer engine.
  • Driving it is clumsy and difficult.
  • Ellie cruises loudly down the road and picks up Lee and Robyn just as soldiers begin to shoot at them.
  • Ellie drives wildly, doing her best to command the beastly machine. In the process, she runs over a car and gets the tires shot out by ensuing soldiers. In the process, Ellie gets a head wound and blood starts running down her face. Wee.
  • Part of the plan is to ditch the construction vehicle and transfer Lee, Robyn, and Ellie to a BMW being driven by Homer. Ellie is covered in blood from a head wound, but they pull this transfer off, so now they're all safe and sound, driving like mad toward Ellie's house.
  • They need to switch cars again, though, because Homer's also been pursued in the BMW and they imagine soldiers might now be looking for the car. So they stop at a boy named Chris's house to take his parents' car. Finding the car is easy, and to protect Chris's family, they get rid of the shot up BMW they were just driving.
  • Just then, Chris emerges from his hiding place and is so thankful to see his friends. He hops in with them and they take off.
  • Driving a long distance after a never-ending day, half of them pass out, and Ellie struggles to stay awake while driving, but she makes it to her house. Her family has a Land Rover, which is packed and ready to make the trip back to Hell.