Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 12

By John Marsden

Chapter 12

  • Looters have been at Ellie's house, taking jewelry and such. She's not stoked, but she's also way too tired to care much.
  • Robyn and Homer tend to Ellie and Lee's wounds, then everybody hits the hay, sleeping while Chris keeps watch since he slept pretty well on his own and they're all overdue for some serious slumber.
  • Ellie dreams about her family, which morphs (as dreams do) into a steamy dream about Lee. Oops. When she makes up and immediately sees Lee, she's pretty mortified.
  • While everyone else doses, Lee and Ellie chat about how blown away they are by what's happening. There's also snuggling.
  • But when El notices Chris asleep on the clock, she freaks on him, worrying a bit that she's becoming a violent person.
  • Her freak-out opens the emotional floodgates and all the feelings Ellie's been tamping down for days come pouring out.
  • She becomes kind of a zombie, lost in her feelings for days, doing little more than sleeping even after they all successfully arrive in Hell.
  • As she sleeps, Ellie is haunted by terrible nightmares in which she kills a ton of people.
  • When she finally snaps out of it, she begins paying attention to the nature around her—trees, birds, sounds.
  • She heads down to the creek, where she finds Robyn, who gets her food. Once she eats, Ellie begins to feel okay again. Welcome back, kid.