Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 13

By John Marsden

Chapter 13

  • Every day, Corrie tests the Transistor radio to see if there is anything—or anyone—on it. It's always just static, though.
  • This morning, however, is different: Ellie and Corrie realize that theirs is a short wave radio that picks up stations from all over the world.
  • They pick up an English-speaking station and hear some details about the war that give them some hope; for one, there's international outrage, plus it seems unlikely to become WWIII. Also, prisoners aren't being abused. Little victories, you know?
  • Things get a bit tense between Robyn and Kevin as they discuss the conflict, which seems to be about "imbalances" between the haves and have-nots. Robyn can see both sides, but Kevin can't.
  • Homer interrupts the sparring to suggest the group refocus their energy on figuring out what they heck to do next. Should they hide out or fight? Homer points out that some of the soldiers he's seen don't look any older than them; Robyn notes she's seen some who look even younger.
  • After some discussion, the group decides that one couple will return to the Showground to try to find out if everyone's families are okay, gathering any info on them they can, while another looks around town, seeing what they can learn and gathering anything useful they can find. As for everyone else, they'll work on establishing their base camp to keep them alive for years by organizing food and supplies.
  • Ellie gets to stay at camp this time, which she's stoked about—if nothing else, it leaves her with Homer and Lee, two dudes she's not at all opposed to spending a bit more time with (wink, wink).