Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 14

By John Marsden

Chapter 14

  • In the morning, tons of enemy planes fly overhead, followed a while later by a few friendlies.
  • The base camp group returns to Elli's neighborhood to gather more supplies, including food, seeds, and laying hens. Ellie's becoming quite the little survivalist.
  • When Ellie and the others return to Hell, Lee is up and about.
  • Lee and Ellie have an awkward conversation about why she's been giving him the cold-shoulder since she came on to him in the haystack.
  • They have a bit of a falling out since Ellie bumbles her thoughts and confuses everything, and Lee shows that he is a bit jealous of Homer. Ah, young love.
  • In a mad tantrum, Ellie explores a dark cave-like area of brush that follows a creek and discovers that it's pretty long.
  • Toward the end of her journey deeper into Hell, she discovers roses and an old hut.
  • It's the Hermit's hut. Whoa.
  • Scared to enter it, Ellie musters her courage and tears down the weeds. Inside, she finds it sparsely furnished and very worn down, and look though she does, she comes away not knowing much about the Hermit.
  • She wades back to camp and Homer is angry with her for being gone so long—they were really worried. Ellie says she will take them to meet the Hermit.