Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 15

By John Marsden

Chapter 15

  • After their trip to the hut, they get back to camp and work away, but everyone is irritable.
  • In their tent, Ellie and Fi talk about how Homer likes Fi too much; despite her own feelings for him, Ellie tells Fi to go for it.
  • As she drifts off to sleep, Ellie thinks about Homer and how he used to just be her friend but now she suddenly finds herself attracted to him. She also thinks about the Hermit, before turning her attention to her nightly ritual of picturing her family doing ordinary, everyday things.
  • The following morning, the campers get a load of work done. Later on, Lee asks Ellie to take him to see the Hermit's hut. Looks like they aren't at war any longer.
  • Fi and Homer are happy to get some alone time, which Ellie totally notices. She turns a bit green.
  • While trekking to the hut, Lee appreciates how awesome and secret the path to the hut is—since it follows water, there are no tracks left behind. They think about following other rivers in the future.
  • Once there, they sit for a rest and talk about their relationship, even though Ellie really doesn't want to. Lee tells her to follow her feelings rather than her head, but she's still confused about what she wants.
  • Then they check out the hut. Though they found nothing interesting during their previous visits, Lee discovers a hidden box in the windowsill, full of boring old paper and stuff.
  • Oh, wait—it isn't boring. It's actually super fascinating paperwork; one piece talks about how the Hermit is a war hero.