Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 20

By John Marsden

Chapter 20

  • Ellie and Fi sneak motorbikes to a place near the bridge, then make their way to the fuel tanker spot and rest. They are really, truly scared. Seems legit to us.
  • It's super quiet there, and try though they might, Ellie and Fi can't cut the chains on the gate. Instead they'll have to bust it down with the truck.
  • Fi makes contact with Homer and—aw—they tell each other they love each other.
  • Then the girls break into a truck depot to, well, get a truck.
  • After finding keys and a truck with enough fuel, Ellie fumbles around with the brakes, which she doesn't understand, before she finally gets going. She is so nervous she messes up a few times, but they break through the fence and are on their way.
  • Going slowly, corner by corner, they inch along.
  • When some sentries walk along, they sprint for a tree and wait to be caught, but the soldiers don't even notice the parked tanker.
  • Finally they make it near enough to the bridge and wait for a convoy to pass through so they can make their move.