Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 21

By John Marsden

Chapter 21

  • While they wait, the girls chat about their new love lives. Homer is super, and Lee is amazing.
  • Ellie realizes then that she really just doesn't want to lose Homer's brotherhood, his family-ness.
  • Suddenly, they see a stampede of beautiful cattle and soldiers running for their lives.
  • Ellie is awe-struck, while Fi is terrified and screams at Ellie to drive. She successfully parks under the bridge, and after Fi takes off, Ellie scrambles to grab a rope soaking in one of the gas tanks, then runs off to where they ditched the motorbikes earlier, straining under the gas fumes.
  • Bullets fly toward her, but Ellie makes it to the trees; Fi lights the soaked rope and away they motor, whooping for joy and being alive.