Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 22

By John Marsden

Chapter 22

  • When the four arsonists meet, they tell each other their tales.
  • The guys had a good and easy time coordinating the stampede until the walkie-talkie broke and there was no way to tell the girls. Today's lesson learned? Don't rely so much on the walkie-talkies for future plans.
  • Thanks to Ellie's awesomeness and a bit of luck, though, the plan went off without a hitch even without working walkie-talkies.
  • Ellie falls asleep like the dead and they all ride back to her house.
  • When they get there, though, they find that Corrie's been shot and isn't doing well.
  • Everyone is shaken to the core, and they quickly decide they have to take her to the hospital. Kevin steps up to do it.
  • Despite Homer telling them to leave Corrie in the car and bolt at the hospital door, Kevin refuses to do so. He's not ditching Corrie.
  • Kevin takes off for town, and the rest solemnly head back home to Hell.