Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 3

By John Marsden

Chapter 3

  • There's a path leading to the bridge, though it's overgrown from not being used.
  • Energy renewed, the group takes off to explore, schlepping their packs along, too.
  • Chatting it up along the way, all thoughts and questions about the mysterious bridge point to the Hermit of Hell, how long he was there, and what he ate.
  • The path after the bridge takes them down to the bottom of Hell, which is beautiful and quiet instead of filled with fire and terrifying. Phew.
  • Setting up camp in a clearing doesn't take long and Lee and Ellie cook two-minute noodles for supper. Somehow Fi's never had instant noodles beforeā€”Ellie and Lee are blown away by this news (and Shmoop is, too).
  • The friends sit up late talking around the fire, excited to be somewhere so few humans have ever been before. Then they all pass out.