Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 5

By John Marsden

Chapter 5

  • The group lazily hangs around the clearing in Hell, unable to get it together enough to do much of anything.
  • Well, except for Ellie and Corrie, who take some walks to talk about life; they decide to go abroad together after school is over.
  • Over the course of five days, everyone gets along quite well and there are only a few small spats.
  • When it's time to leave, they are nearly out of decent food, but no one wants to go. The camping trip has been so awesome that they agree to do it again soon.
  • Ellie can't sleep before leaving because she feels anxious about the jets and war talk and is anxious to get home to check on everyone.
  • They follow the path out of Hell and come to a hidden section that goes through the brush.
  • Back at the Land Rover, they pig out on food and lay around in the sun. Ellie wants to get going, but since no one else is in a rush, she talks with Lee for a bit.
  • In the background, Ellie notices that Fi is acting all fashion-model-y for Homer's benefit. Does it bother Ellie? We can't tell—and neither can Ellie as she reflects back on this moment. The only thing she's certain of is that she hasn't been happy since.