Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 8

By John Marsden

Chapter 8

  • After a long and awful bike ride, they make it to Corrie's house.
  • Homer and Corrie feed everyone cereal, but Ellie is too exhausted to do anything but sit.
  • Food in their bellies, everyone starts talking; one by one they explain what they saw. Ellie has a very hard time telling the group about blowing up the soldiers.
  • Worrying about setting off some macho attitude in the boys, Ellie hesitates to relay the whole story, but all they give her is sympathy.
  • Homer tells Ellie that things aren't fair in war, but defending herself was smart. This makes Ellie feel better.
  • The next play by play comes from Homer. They saw where a battle was fought, and when Fi heard voices, they ducked into a bathroom. Fi rats Homer out for tagging up the bathroom walls; to defend himself, Homer says he wrote "patriotic messages." Kevin thinks this is stupid and says that Homer is never serious about anything. Ellie recalls how supportive Homer has been to her.
  • The story goes on with the soldiers using the restroom while the two spies hide in a closet .
  • It seems the group of soldiers is a strange bunch: They're very young and wear old, raggedy uniforms. Interestingly, there are other people running through the streets at night who aren't in uniform.
  • Fi's house was locked up and in fine condition when they went to check on it. In fact, the only bad stuff Fi and Homer saw was on the way back to Robyn's house, when a few a few bombed-out houses.
  • They all desperately need sleep, so they plan to sleep in a shed and keep the car and bikes hidden so they can use them to escape if needed.