Study Guide

Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter 9

By John Marsden

Chapter 9

  • Fi wakes Ellie to take her turn as lookout while the others sleep.
  • Sitting up there alone, Ellie thinks about how much she's changed recently, going from a kid to an adult—or at least she's on her way to being an adult.
  • Just then, Corrie arrives; she can't sleep with all the things on her mind.
  • Talking, the girls figure that they've lost their innocence and all sense of safety is gone.
  • Corrie doubts there is enough manpower to search for all the people in their district. Her theory is that the army is using Wirrawee as a way through to other bigger cities.
  • Homer comes along and shocks them out of their daydream. Apparently dude used to be kind of out there and once escaped from a class by climbing down a drainpipe.
  • A friendly jet chased by three enemy jets makes the trio pause.
  • Homer forms a plan to find Lee and Robyn; he also says they should pack up survival gear and food and go to Hell to live.
  • It's list-making time, and the groups argues about what unnecessary items they should be allowed to bring for sentimental reasons.
  • Fi suggests they bury valuables. Great idea there, Fi.
  • Finally, the list is topped off with guns of all sorts. Things just got real… again.
  • Out of nowhere, a helicopter moseys up and everyone scatters to the places Homer assigns them in order to spy. Ellie sees a dog happily wandering around outside, and she freaks out that the soldiers will notice it and come snooping.
  • While waiting for the soldiers' move, the group forms a plan that involves surrendering if the copter lands.
  • But it flies off. Yay.
  • Immediately they spring to action, deciding that hiding is best and looting should be done at night.
  • Just as everyone gets safely tucked away in a shed, a jet comes and blows up Corrie's house.
  • Corrie has a major break down and can't do anything but sob for hours. Everyone waits for her to calm down.