Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 10

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 10

  • Cole can't move, so when he needs to use the bathroom, he just does it where he is, which totally fills him with shame.
  • He looks over and sees the bird nest; he can see that the babies are dead. It makes him feel sad for them since they were so helpless and innocent.
  • Cole lies there and thinks about how he doesn't want to die like the little birds. He has to fight to stay alive, and to do that, he needs to eat in order to build up his energy.
  • That's when Cole starts eating grass and worms, even though it makes him gag. He even eats beetles and spiders. It's gross, but we dig his chutzpah.
  • Cole drifts out of consciousness again, but when he wakes, he sees a mouse poking around near him. He reaches out and grabs it with one hand.