Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 12

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 12

  • Spirit Bear approaches Cole anyway. It sniffs at him in curiosity as Cole steels himself for a bloody death…but then the beast just walks away.
  • Cole falls into a feverish dream, but when he wakes up again, he can see the world more clearly. He decides that it is beautiful—even if he's in intense pain and doesn't know if he'll survive.
  • He rests his head on some moss and starts to fall asleep again as the seagulls peck at him. He wonders if they're going to peck at his meat while he's still alive.
  • Then he feels a strange warmth envelop him and wonders what's going on; he feels liquid at his lips and starts drinking it in.
  • Someone tells him to just hold on, but Cole just feels a world of pain and confusion. He keeps drinking in the liquid and moans in pain.
  • When Cole wakes up from the dream, he doesn't see the island at all. Instead, he's wrapped in a blanket—he realizes that he's in a boat with Garvey and Edwin.
  • Garvey tells him that he needs to hold on; they'll be home soon. He can hear worried voices talking back and forth but can't understand everything they're staying.
  • Then he opens his eyes and sees a Tlingit woman looking over him and tending to his wounds. She says Cole was attacked by a bear, and Garvey looks horrified. Cole assures him that he's okay…even if he doesn't look like it.