Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 13

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 13

  • Cole figures out that the woman looking over him is a nurse named Rosey—the only nurse in Drake (the place where they're holding him). They need to wait for the medevac plane to get there in the morning to take Cole to a real hospital.
  • Garvey tells Cole he's so sorry for getting him into this mess, but Cole tells him that it's all his fault. Then the medicine kicks in and he starts to feel drowsy.
  • He can hear the grown-ups talking about all his injuries and how he's a tough kid… and that he'll be okay if he ever finds a reason to live.
  • Cole has all sorts of weird dreams about people helping him and then turning into monsters who call him a baby-faced con who isn't worthy of their attention.
  • He wakes up and calls out to Garvey and Rosey, who assure him that it was all a nightmare. He wants to know why they're so insistent on helping him even though he's a bad kid.
  • Rosey says it's to make the world a better place, and Garvey says he's Cole's friend—no matter what Cole thinks. Ha.
  • He tells Cole that he sees a lot of himself in him because he went through a pretty tough childhood and adolescence, too. He made a lot of mistakes and wants to prevent Cole from going down the same path.
  • As they prep Cole for the medical evacuation plane, he explains to Garvey and Edwin what happened on the island and how he tried to kill the bear. Garvey tells him that he made some bad choices and his arm might be messed up forever.
  • Cole says it doesn't matter, though; his arm isn't what's important. He's come to more of an understanding and doesn't feel so angry anymore.
  • Even though he knows there's a very good chance he's going to jail now, Cole decides that he'll only speak the truth from now on. He decides that the memory of Spirit Bear is something that he'll keep with him forever.
  • Whoa. That's a pretty major transformation, right?