Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 17

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 17

  • Edwin shows Cole how to suspend the coolers of food in the trees to keep them safe from bears. Then he says that tomorrow night they're going to build a fire and dance out their feelings.
  • Cole tries to fall asleep that night, but he has a lot on his mind. He can't stop thinking about his parents and how Peter is doing, and despite himself, he feels angry and frustrated again.
  • The next morning, Edwin makes Cole get up and start walking as soon as the sun rises. Then he leads him to a still pool where they're going to swim.
  • Cole objects because it will be cold, but Edwin says that he has to get in. Cole does and his teeth start immediately chattering. Edwin, however, looks totally calm.
  • Edwin asks him if he's been angry since he entered the pool, and Cole says no—he's too busy freezing his butt off. Edwin tells him this is one way to form the habit of letting go of anger.