Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 19

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 19

  • Today, Cole works on the roof all day, making sure that it's perfect. They also see a wolf as he's working, which makes Garvey announce that they're going to do the wolf dance tonight.
  • After he's done working, Cole says he doesn't want to make them all dinner or do the wolf dance because he's tired. When he refuses to do what they say, though, Garvey tells him they're going back to Minneapolis tomorrow. Cole is done—he's going to jail.
  • Cole stammers and says that he was wrong and that he's going to make dinner now, but Edwin and Garvey say he hasn't changed and that they have to send him home.
  • Even though he makes dinner and offers to do the wolf dance, Edwin and Garvey just say they're going to bed and that they can't do anything for him. He's a lost cause.
  • He goes over to the fire by himself and does a wolf dance. Afterward, he sees that Garvey and Edwin have watched him. They ask him what he's learned, and he says that he needs the help of others—like a wolf pack.
  • When Cole wakes up the next day, he goes to the pond and soaks without even waking up Edwin or Garvey. Then he carries the rock all the way up the hill and rolls it back down.
  • He starts walking back to camp, and as he does, he sees a movement in the corner of his eye—a large white shape that disappears into the trees. Could it be Spirit Bear?