Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 20

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 20

  • Cole gets back to camp and immediately apologizes to Garvey and Edwin, saying that he was still blaming them for his problems but now realizes that he has to take responsibility.
  • He says that he'll understand if they take him back to Minneapolis but that he really does want to give this a fair shot. That's when Edwin tells him to finish the cabin just in case they decide to let him stay.
  • That day, Cole finally finishes the cabin. Edwin says that he'll tell him how to set up the stove the next day, and then Edwin and Garvey will leave Cole alone on the island and it will be up to him to furnish the cabin and provide for himself.
  • Because it's his last dinner with Edwin and Garvey, Cole makes a super fancy meal of spaghetti and biscuits. He even sets up a candle like they're at a fancy restaurant.
  • Then he brings out Snickers bars for dessert and Cole suggests that they do the Spirit Bear dance since he saw something big and white in the trees.
  • Cole starts off the dance and, through his movements, he shows Edwin and Garvey everything that happened during his first trip to the island.
  • They don't even have to recap what they've learned at the end because all was communicated through dance.
  • In the morning, all three of them head to the pond to get into the freezing cold water. Then Cole carries the ancestor rock and rolls it down the hill.
  • At the cabin, Edwin shows Cole how to install the stovepipe and then he and Garvey pack up their things into the boat.
  • Right before they take off, Garvey hands Cole a knife and tells him that it can either destroy him or heal him; he can use it to carve and discover what's inside of him.
  • Garvey and Edwin take off, telling Cole that he's on his own now, though Garvey will stop by in a few days to check on him. Then they leave him all by his lonesome.