Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 22

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 22

  • Cole finishes carving the eagle on his totem and decides to do a wolf next. When he visits the pond the next day, he even washes his clothes so that he's clean, even though there's no one around to see him.
  • Then he sits and waits quietly for Spirit Bear…who doesn't show up. How rude.
  • One day, Cole sees a beaver come close and he tries to grab it. After, he feels badly about betraying the animal's trust and wonders how many times he's done that to the people in his life.
  • He realizes over time that being on the island doesn't mean he has all the free time in the world. Instead, he has a ton of work to do—cooking, carving, fishing, washing clothes, doing homework, cleaning, and more. It's a hard knock life.
  • He also keeps trying to see Spirit Bear and dance the dance of anger, but both keep evading him. When Edwin comes, Cole shares his frustrations.
  • On the island, his rage still comes back, but Cole fights hard to keep it at bay. Even so, he can't bring himself to dance the dance of anger and let go of his anger and rage completely.
  • He keeps puzzling over how he can make himself invisible enough so that the animals—particularly Spirit Bear—come back to him. And one day, he wakes up with the answer.