Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 25

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 25

  • When Cole tells him that Peter should come to the island, Edwin says it's not possible—there's no way Peter's parents will agree to that.
  • Cole starts crying and says he'll do whatever it takes to help Peter, even if it means he should stay on the island for his whole life.
  • Edwin leaves again and Cole spends a lot of time alone thinking about how Peter is doing and despairing over the fact that people probably won't go for his plan.
  • Then two weeks later, he sees Edwin's boat returning. Another boat is following behind, and when it gets closer, Cole can see that Peter Driscal is standing on the boat along with his parents and Garvey.
  • When they arrive, Cole comes up to Peter and tells him that he's glad he came—but Peter just remains on the boat and refuses to talk to Cole.
  • Edwin tells everyone to sit down around the fire pit and explains that Peter is going to stay on the island for a while with Cole. Garvey has taken some vacation time to chaperone them and to make sure nothing bad happens to Peter again.
  • Peter's parents look at Cole with a huge amount of distrust, but they admit that they don't know what else to do—they're desperate to help Peter and stop him from committing suicide.
  • Cole then tells everyone about his time on the island and the mistakes he's made, including attacking Spirit Bear.
  • Then he shows them his totem and explains why there's a blank space for forgiveness at the bottom: He can't fill it in until he helps Peter to heal. Peter angrily yells that he doesn't need Cole's help.