Study Guide

Touching Spirit Bear Chapter 28

By Ben Mikaelsen

Chapter 28

  • Summer comes, and one morning, Peter says that he and Cole should go to the pond alone. When they get there, though, Peter starts to shove Cole and to tell him that they'll never be friends—not after what Cole did to him.
  • Cole tells him that he understands and that he'll do everything he can to help him and make things right. That's when Peter starts beating Cole up…but Cole refuses to fight back.
  • After a while, Peter stops and tells Cole that he's so scared and that his thinking gets all messed up now. Cole tells him that he doesn't have to be scared of him anymore, and then he steps forward to hug Peter.
  • That's when Spirit Bear appears to look at them. Peter is a little scared, but Cole tells him that Spirit Bear won't hurt them, so they just stand there and look at each other.
  • When they get back to camp, Cole's face is all swollen and he has sore ribs. He tells Peter that this morning, they forgave each other and themselves; that's why they were able to see Spirit Bear.
  • Then Cole gives Peter the at.óow Garvey gave to him the first time he came onto the island, and Peter says that he wants to help Cole carve the blank space on his totem—the one reserved for anger.
  • When they're done, they call Garvey over and show him what they've carved: a perfect circle. He asks them if it's because every part of a circle is a beginning and an end, and that all its parts are one.
  • Peter and Cole just smile at him and say that Peter is going to teach Cole to carve from now on. They're not going to fight anymore.