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Treasure Island Chapter 11

By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Chapter 11

What I Heard in the Apple Barrel

  • Long John Silver is in the middle of telling a story to the youngest sailor on board, Dick.
  • He's telling Dick about his time serving under Captain Flint.
  • Apparently most of the men under Flint's command are now aboard the Hispaniola – this very ship!
  • Long John Silver says the pirating business has gone downhill. Look at Pew, who had to retire after he went blind. After living like a king, Pew spent all of his cash and had to beg for his supper.
  • Long John Silver compliments Dick for being "smart as paint" (11.5).
  • Jim hears this and gets totally jealous: Jim thought he was supposed to be smart as paint.
  • Long John Silver gives Dick a recruitment pitch for piracy: sure, it's dangerous, but the profits are great.
  • After this last trip is done, Long John Silver plans to set himself up as a gentleman, but he started out his piracy career as a lowly sailor just like Dick.
  • Dick says that all Long John Silver's money is gone anyway – it's not like he can go back to Bristol after all of this.
  • Long John Silver explains that his wife will empty all of his accounts in Bristol and join him in some secret place where the two of them will settle down.
  • Dick is impressed by Long John Silver and agrees to join him.
  • Just then someone else strolls up to the two men. It's Israel Hands.
  • Long John Silver tells Israel that Dick is going to join them.
  • Israel wants to know why they haven't mutinied yet – he really wants to get rid of Captain Smollett.
  • Long John Silver tells Israel to wait. Why rise up sooner than they have to, so long as Captain Smollett keeps sailing their ship for them?
  • Dick reminds Long John Silver that they're all sailors.
  • Long John Silver answers that they're all crewmen. Who is supposed to set the course for them? He doesn't know where Doctor Livesey and the squire keep the map, after all.
  • Long John Silver warns them to be patient or they'll all hang. Captain Flint and Pew were impatient and fun-loving and look where they are now: dead.
  • Long John Silver wants them to wait until the right time, but then they should kill all of the officers: after all, dead men tell no tales.
  • Long John Silver wants to be the one to kill Squire Trelawney.
  • Listening to all of this, Jim is terrified.
  • Long John Silver and Israel Hands send Dick to get some alcohol to celebrate.
  • Israel Hands whispers to Long John Silver that Dick's the last of the crewmen who will join.
  • Jim realizes that some of the crew must still be loyal to the captain.
  • Long John Silver, Israel Hands, and Dick drink a toast.
  • Just then, the shout rings out: "Land ho!" (11.40).

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