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Treasure Island Chapter 13

By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Chapter 13

How My Shore Adventure Began

  • The next morning Jim gets a clear look at the island: it's covered with grey, mournful-looking pine trees. There are also three rocky hills, the highest of which is the Spy-glass.
  • The Spy-glass is the tallest spot on the island. It's sheer cliff on all sides, and the top is flat like a table.
  • Jim hates the look of the island and is feeling miserable.
  • Long John Silver steers the Hispaniola safely to a landing on the south side of the island.
  • Doctor Livesey sniffs the air coming off the island and decides it's an unhealthy place for them to be.
  • Now that they have arrived at the island, the men are barely even pretending to be obedient.
  • To cover up for the men's bad behavior, Long John Silver does his best to be as obviously well-behaved as possible – he still doesn't want to tip off the Captain that they plan to mutiny.
  • Captain Smollett, Squire Trelawney, and the other good guys all hold a meeting.
  • Captain Smollett points out that Long John Silver is as eager to keep things calm as they are. He suggests they give all the men the afternoon off so Long John Silver will have time to convince them to stay calm.
  • Squire Trelawney takes his servants Hunter, Joyce, and Redruth aside to tell them about the plot against him, the Captain, and Doctor Livesey. The three men pledge their loyalty.
  • Captain Smollett tells the men to take the afternoon off, and they all lighten up and look happy.
  • He leaves Long John Silver to arrange the landing parties.
  • Jim has a sudden idea: he notices that Long John Silver only leaves six men on board the Hispaniola.
  • Jim decides to sneak onto the island.
  • He tries to slip unseen onto a boat rowing to the shore, but one of the rowers says his name, and Long John Silver clearly hears it.
  • When Jim's boat reaches the shore, he jumps out and runs off, ignoring the sound of Long John Silver calling his name.

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