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Treasure Island Chapter 22

By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Chapter 22

How My Sea Adventure Began

  • The pirates don't attack again that day, so there's time for Doctor Livesey to tend to his patients: one of the pirates who got shot at the wall of the fort, Hunter, and Captain Smollett.
  • Of those three, only Captain Smollett recovers – he's been badly injured, but he'll live. Even so, the captain is now out of the action. He's not allowed to move or talk more than he has to.
  • Squire Trelawney, Doctor Livesey, and Captain Smollett discuss what to do next.
  • Abraham Gray is totally astonished to see Doctor Livesey walking in the forest outside the fort.
  • Jim guesses correctly that Doctor Livesey is going to see Ben Gunn.
  • Jim feels more and more restless and cooped up. He decides to fill his pockets with biscuits, grab a couple pistols, and head out on his own.
  • He wants to return to that odd white boulder to see if Ben Gunn's boat is tied up there.
  • Jim knows he wouldn't be allowed to do this if he asked, so he decides to sneak out when no one is looking.
  • Jim doesn't even think about the fact that he's leaving only two able-bodied men to guard the fort, Abraham Gray and Squire Trelawney. He makes up his mind and goes.
  • Jim is enjoying his stroll down to the beach when, in the distance, he sees Long John Silver talking and laughing with a couple of crew members and holding his parrot, Captain Flint.
  • The two crew members get into a rowboat and set off for the Hispaniola.
  • The day is growing foggy and the sun is setting, so Jim creeps across to the white rock.
  • Sure enough, he sees a little tent hidden near the rock with a tiny homemade goatskin boat next to it.
  • Jim suddenly gets another bright idea: under the cover of night and fog, he decides to row quietly out to the Hispaniola, cut the rope attached to the anchor, and let it float off.
  • He waits until the dead of night, picks up the tiny boat, and sets it on the ocean to row out to the Hispaniola.

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