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Treasure Island Chapter 30

By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30

On Parole

  • Jim wakes up to a voice calling into the fort, announcing that Doctor Livesey is there.
  • Jim is glad to see the Doctor, but he's also ashamed because of his desertion.
  • Long John Silver greets him heartily.
  • Doctor Livesey is coming to treat the pirates for their injuries and sickness.
  • Long John Silver has a surprise for him: Jim!
  • Doctor Livesey is so shocked to see Jim that he stops for a moment without speaking.
  • Before asking what's going on, Doctor Livesey goes in to see the pirates.
  • Even though he knows they might kill him at any time, he doesn't behave as though anything is out of the ordinary.
  • The fellow with the bandaged head is looking a bit better, but George Merry and Dick Johnson are both feverish.
  • Doctor Livesey swears he'll do his best to keep them alive so they can stand trial and be hanged back in England.
  • After treating them all, Doctor Livesey wants to have a word with Jim.
  • George says that's not OK, but Long John Silver allows it as long as Jim swears not to run away.
  • The pirates protest, but Long John Silver tells them to shut up – they'll keep the treaty until the right time, he insists.
  • Long John Silver walks down with Doctor Livesey and Jim to the gate.
  • Long John Silver warns Jim to walk slowly – the pirates are looking for any excuse to turn on Jim and him.
  • Long John Silver wants Jim to stand witness that he saved Jim's life, at great personal risk to himself.
  • Long John Silver leaves Jim and Doctor Livesey to their talk.
  • Doctor Livesey says he's disappointed that Jim ran off like a coward the minute Captain Smollett got injured, and that he'll get what he deserves.
  • Jim starts to cry. Doctor Livesey doesn't need to remind him he's done wrong, and Jim knows he's doomed anyway.
  • Doctor Livesey feels bad and suggests that he and Jim run away.
  • Jim can't – he promised Long John Silver.
  • But Jim is worried that, if he's tortured, he'll reveal that he knows where the ship is.
  • Jim quickly outlines everything he's done since he snuck out of the stockade.
  • Doctor Livesey promises he won't let Jim be killed, since Jim has saved their lives more than once by uncovering the plot and finding Ben Gunn.
  • Doctor Livesey then calls out to Long John Silver, warning him to steer clear of the treasure, or else he'll find more trouble.
  • Long John Silver answers that he can't; he needs that treasure to save his and Jim's lives.
  • Long John Silver asks why Doctor Livesey gave him the map in the first place. Why doesn't Doctor Livesey just come straight out and say what's going on?
  • Doctor Livesey says he can't share a secret that isn't his.
  • Still, Livesey promises to do his best to save Long John Silver if they all get out of this. He also advises that Long John Silver keep Jim close by his side.
  • With that, Doctor Livesey heads back into the forest.

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