Study Guide

Tropic of Cancer Chapter 11

By Henry Miller

Chapter 11

  • Miller goes back to Paris with money that Collins has given him. He looks at a few "rat trap" hotels and then decides to just wait it out. He meets a freak show of a woman who asks him for money. He assumes she's a prostitute, but she gets really offended at the suggestion. He wants to get rid of her.
  • He walks her to her hotel and gives her 50 francs, and she makes him feel like a saint.
  • Next up, he hooks up with some Norwegian piece of work. They go to her place on the Boulevard de Clichy, but she's acting really dodgy. Something about how her mother is sick downstairs and she has to go check on her. Then she says her mother's going to die.
  • Henry feels like something's up—maybe she's trying to rip him off. When she leaves again, he goes through her stuff. Out of self-preservation, he takes back the money he gave and gets out of there—fast.