Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 11

By Avi

Chapter 11

  • The captain asks Zachariah if he has anything to say or if the crew has anything to say on Zachariah's behalf. None of the crew speak, but Zachariah defends himself in a speech in which he calls Jaggery "the worst" captain he has ever served under (11.16).
  • Jaggery takes Zachariah's speech as a confession and dares anyone from the crew to second the slander. Though it's clear that the crew hates Jaggery, they all remain silent. (Guns can sure be intimidating, can't they?)
  • Mr. Hollybrass strings up Zachariah and pulls out a whip.
  • Charlotte feels ill and attempts to leave, but Jaggery makes her witness the beating.
  • The captain orders Mr. Hollybrass to give Zachariah fifty lashes.
  • Charlotte cannot take the cruelty she is witnessing. She lunges at Mr. Hollybrass, grabs the whip, and gets to her feet. In defense of herself, she flicks the whip. It cuts Jaggery's face.
  • Captain Jaggery grabs the whip from Charlotte and beats Zachariah mercilessly. He appears to be dead.
  • The crewmembers cut down Zachariah's lifeless body and carry it to the forecastle.
  • Charlotte throws up over the side of the ship. She is left alone.