Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 12

By Avi

Chapter 12

  • Charlotte returns to her cabin and cries. She blames herself for everything.
  • Charlotte determines that, even though the captain's actions were cruel, she must take responsibility and apologize to him for cutting his face.
  • Charlotte finds Captain Jaggery in his cabin and apologizes for her interference.
  • The captain is not a happy camper: he says Charlotte insulted him before the crew and deserves a horsewhipping. He also withdraws his protection of her.
  • On the deck, Charlotte sees the crew gathered around a bulky canvas hammock. She assumes that it holds the body of Zachariah. The men conduct a kind of funeral and then heave the hammock into the ocean.
  • Charlotte apologizes to the crew. Fisk advises her to go back to the captain. She declares her hatred for the captain, but they only stare at her.
  • Heartbroken, Charlotte returns to her cabin and cries some more.
  • A bell summons all hands on deck, and Charlotte sneaks up to observe what's going on.
  • The captain is giving orders to the men: Fisk is to take Zachariah's place, Mr. Keetch is demoted from second mate, and Mr. Johnson (who didn't sign the round-robin) will take Keetch's place.
  • Captain Jaggery says that even though the crew is short one mate, each watch must be fully manned.
  • Morgan objects, saying that this means that someone will have to work an extra shift and that no captain can ask this of a crew, except in an emergency. The captain tells Morgan that this is an emergency.
  • Charlotte makes her way to the galley where she finds Fisk and asks him about what happened on deck. Fisk tells her that the captain is trying to work them until they drop by requiring extra shifts.
  • Charlotte offers to help with the workload, but Fisk scoffs and says that she is the "lady passenger, Miss Doyle. The informer" (12.92).
  • Charlotte returns to her cabin. She puts on the seamen's clothes that Zachariah had given her.
  • Dressed in her trousers and blouse, Charlotte returns to the galley where she tells Fisk that she's come to lend a hand as one of the crew.