Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 13

By Avi

Chapter 13

  • Fisk advises Charlotte to lay her request before the rest of the crew.
  • The crew decides that if Charlotte can climb to the top of the royal yard (the highest sail on the main mast, 130 feet up), then she can sign on for duty.
  • Fisk suggests Charlotte either shimmy up the mast or use the ratlines (the ropes connecting the sails) as a kind of ladder. Charlotte chooses the ratlines.
  • Barlow wishes Charlotte luck and Ewing advises her to not look down – or up for that matter.
  • Charlotte proceeds to climb from the main yard to the topsail to the topgallant to the royal yard. With a little difficulty along the way, she finally reaches the top, utterly exhausted.
  • Charlotte begins her descent. At one point her foot slips and she falls, becoming tangled in the lines hanging downward. She's able to right herself with the help of a rope.
  • As she nears the deck, Barlow urges her to jump into his arms, but she's determined to do the whole climb all by herself.
  • Upon successfully reaching the bottom on her own, the crew cheers Charlotte. She's filled with joy, when suddenly Captain Jaggery appears.