Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 16

By Avi

Chapter 16

  • Charlotte sleeps for fourteen hours and then wakes.
  • She reflects upon seeing Zachariah in the rigging. Was he a ghost? An angel? It must have been a miracle.
  • When Charlotte hits the deck it's oh-so-quiet. Have the crew forgotten her? She notices that both watches of the crew are on deck.
  • Charlotte asks Ewing and Keetch if they had forgotten to call her to the watch. They admit to her that they were told not to call her.
  • The men keep calling Charlotte "Miss," much to her dismay, and eventually confess that the captain told everyone that Charlotte murdered Mr. Hollybrass to avenge Zachariah's death.
  • Charlotte starts to say that she has seen Zachariah, but stops herself.
  • The captain is claiming that Charlotte is guilty because the dirk used to kill Mr. Hollybrass was hers.
  • Captain Jaggery charges Charlotte with the murder of Mr. Hollybrass and says that she'll stand trial that day before a jury of her peers.
  • Captain Jaggery commands Barlow to take Charlotte to the brig. He leads her down the hatch, through top cargo (where the head adventure took place), and into the hold.
  • Barlow locks Charlotte into a cage of iron bars, taking his light with him.
  • Before he goes, Charlotte asks Barlow if he thinks she killed Mr. Hollybrass. He says he doesn't know.
  • All alone, Charlotte reflects on the trial that's to take place. She then hears footsteps approaching. She calls out.
  • All of a sudden, a light appears, and Charlotte sees a vision: it's Zachariah again.