Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 19

By Avi

Chapter 19

  • The captain locks Charlotte back in the brig.
  • Zachariah appears and releases Charlotte from her cage. She tells him what has just happened, and that she has 24 hours until she gets hanged.
  • Charlotte finally confesses that she thinks Zachariah killed Mr. Hollybrass. She also says that the rest of the crew thinks it's him too, and that they're protecting him with silence.
  • Zachariah says he did not kill Mr. Hollybrass.
  • Zachariah mentions that Jaggery saw him on deck during the storm. The captain was in the middle of arguing with Mr. Hollybrass. Zachariah assumed Jaggery thought he was a ghost – especially when the captain didn't start looking for Zachariah after the storm.
  • The two realize that Captain Jaggery had kept his knowledge of Zachariah secret so that he could convict Charlotte without any objection from the crew.
  • Zachariah and Charlotte then conclude that it must have been the captain himself who killed Mr. Hollybrass.
  • Zachariah says that the only way to deal with the captain is to rise up against him as the crew did before. He suggests breaking into the captain's cabin and getting his muskets from the safe.
  • Charlotte says she knows just where to find the key.