Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 20

By Avi

Chapter 20

  • Charlotte tells Zachariah about the key to the gun safe hidden behind the portrait of Captain Jaggery's daughter.
  • Zachariah leaves to fetch one of the crew and Charlotte, for the first time in a very long time, thinks of her family. She hopes they'll be proud of her.
  • Zachariah returns with Keetch, and the three hold a "council of war" (20.42). Zachariah and Charlotte tell Keetch it was the captain who murdered Hollybrass. Keetch tells them that the men had assumed it was Zachariah.
  • Keetch says that the ship will reach Providence in just a few days, hence the captain's haste with the hanging.
  • They plan the following: Keetch will lure the captain out of the cabin, and Charlotte will grab the key and hand it off to Zachariah. The men will then lead an uprising against the captain.
  • At 1am, they put the plan into action. Keetch sends word that he has detained the captain at the helm.
  • Charlotte heads for the captain's quarters, but as she goes, she stops by the door of her old cabin. Hearing the door swinging on its hinges, she's reminded of the conversation she overheard on her first night on the Seahawk. What was the significance?
  • Charlotte opens the door to Captain Jaggery's cabin to find the captain himself seated at his table.