Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 21

By Avi

Chapter 21

  • Charlotte enters Captain Jaggery's cabin. He has been expecting her since, as he reveals, Keetch has been his spy all along. (Keetch was the one she overheard talking outside of her cabin that first night on board.)
  • The captain gives Charlotte a speech about how she disrupted the order of the boat. He then admits that he was the one who killed Mr. Hollybrass, because the man had threatened him.
  • Jaggery tells Charlotte that since she's the unnatural one, she shall be held responsible.
  • The captain lights a candle and Charlotte sees that the fine furnishings have cracks in them from the storm. The captain rants again about keeping things in order.
  • Charlotte realizes the captain has gone mad.
  • The captain gives Charlotte three choices:
  • 1. He will give her the keys to the gun cabinet and let her stage a mutiny, in which case infamy will ensue and her family will be shamed.
  • 2. She can put on her girl's clothes again, beg him for forgiveness, and then everything will be back in its proper order.
  • 3. She can be hanged.
  • Hm, can' there be a fourth option?
  • Charlotte rejects all of the choices and rushes out onto the deck where she finds the crew gathered around Zachariah, who has been bound by Keetch. The conspiracy has turned against them.
  • The captain tells the crew that Charlotte was trying to murder him. She yells out that he's lying and that he killed Mr. Hollybrass.
  • The crew doesn't do anything.
  • The captain fires at Charlotte and, as the boat takes a plunge, misses.
  • Charlotte retreats to the bowsprit where Jaggery follows.
  • The Seahawk takes another plunge and Jaggery is tossed overboard.
  • Charlotte asks the crew for a knife and Grimes gives her one. She cuts the restraints from Zachariah.
  • Zachariah suggests that since Charlotte defeated Jaggery, she should be made captain.