Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 3

By Avi

Chapter 3

  • Charlotte wakes up the next morning determined to leave the ship; however, when she reaches the deck she sees only sky and ocean. Mr. Hollybrass, the first mate, tells her they're now in the Irish Sea.
  • Mr. Hollybrass rings the bell three times and all of the sailors appear on deck, followed by Captain Jaggery. Charlotte is impressed by the captain's dignified appearance and assumes he is a trustworthy gentleman, much like her father.
  • Mr. Hollybrass tells the captain that he could not get the men to sign the articles (whatever that means). He then takes roll call: Dillingham, Grimes, Morgan, Barlow, Foley, Ewing, Fisk, Johnson, and Zachariah are all present.
  • The captain inquires after a Mr. Cranick, but he's not present, nor does Hollybrass recognize the name.
  • Captain Jaggery issues orders to the men to work hard and obey his commands. This is not a democracy, he declares (a democracy being a kind of representative government). Nope, he is the master of the ship, no question. Captain Jaggery then gives them an extra issue of rum (generous!), and dismisses the crew.
  • Captain Jaggery greets Charlotte with the greatest politeness. She requests to be let off the boat, but he, in a very genteel fashion, denies her request. He then promises her his protection and friendship, and invites her to tea in his cabin.
  • Charlotte returns to her cabin where she falls into a swoon and takes ill. She experiences feverish dreams. Zachariah tends to her and Captain Jaggery visits from time to time.
  • In the midst of her delirium, she sees a rat eating at her journal. She takes the dirk from underneath her mattress and throws the knife at the rat.