Study Guide

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Chapter 5

By Avi

Chapter 5

  • Charlotte doesn't believe Zachariah's story and is outraged that someone of his station would dare to say such things to her.
  • The captain's quarters are stylishly decorated with handsome furnishings and pictures of England. Captain Jaggery is also finely dressed with a copy of the Bible on his knee. His manners are impeccable. Needless to say, Charlotte thinks he's just the bee's knees.
  • The captain, apparently a family man, shows Charlotte a picture of his five-year-old daughter, Victoria. He advises her to read to the crew from her moral books and preach the gospel.
  • Charlotte tells Captain Jaggery he reminds her of her father. The two agree to be friends.
  • Captain Jaggery warns Charlotte that she may see him say or do things that seem cruel, but that punishments are necessary to maintain order on the ship. He shows her his gun cabinet, and tells her that these are the only guns on the ship.
  • The captain asks Charlotte to be his eyes and ears among the men. He then shows her a drawing of a round-robin, two circles that look kind of like a life preserver inside of which are written the names of four men. To see the image, he warns her, means "dangerous trouble" (5.73).
  • Charlotte shows Captain Jaggery the dirk and tells him that Mr. Grummage gave it to her. (Zachariah gave her the knife, but Charlotte senses that she should protect Zachariah.)
  • Charlotte tries to give the dirk to the captain, but he suggests that she keep it for her safety and protection.