Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Wes's Sculptures and Dad's Gift

By Sarah Dessen

Wes's Sculptures and Dad's Gift

Macy's dad and Wes have something pretty important in common: they both love Macy for who she is. But they have another link, too: Wes's heart-in-hand sculptures.

These artsy pants items are symbolic all on their own—they're art, after all. But we're thinking there's something more to it. Wes started making those sculptures as a way to cope with his mom's death; and then Macy's dad's last gift to her is one of them? Connectionville, anyone?

Sure, Macy's dad had no way of knowing he would die before he had the chance to give her the gift. But when Macy finally opens it, it's like a sign from beyond, telling her to embrace Wes—and to embrace life again:

I'd wanted a sign, and all this time it had been so close by, waiting for me to be ready to find it. (21.123)

If you want to take it one step further, think about who found the gift and where: Caroline at the beach house (with the candlestick!). Caroline is the one family member trying to pull them all through to the other side, and she's also the one who sees so much meaning in all of Wes's work. And between her vision and their dad's love, Macy and her mom make it through okay.