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The Truth About Forever Summary

By Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Summary

Quick—what comes to mind first, when we tell you that this book is about summer lovin'? Olivia Newton-John in a poodle skirt—or maybe her black catsuit—singing and dancing with John Travolta?

Well, if so, you wouldn't be too far off base. The Truth About Forever, just like Grease, is another summer romance where an uptight girl eventually learns to loosen up and enjoy life.

Macy Queen is going for nothing less than perfection. She's dating Jason Talbot, the perfect guy, and spends all her time studying, helping her mom at work, or volunteering with Jason. But the reason she's so focused on controlling every aspect of her world is that her dad died recently, and she's looking for something safe and sure to grab hold of.

When Jason goes away for the summer, he emails her that he thinks they should take a break from their relationship. Ugh. Macy flings herself into a double life: working with the brainiac snobs at the library by day (which she hates), and working with her crazy new friends Delia, Kristy, Monica, Bert, and Wes as a caterer by night (which she loves).

All the chaos of catering opens Macy up to experiencing life wholeheartedly again. But as her friendship with Wes—and her newfound happiness—blossom, her mom comes down really hard on her, cutting her off from oh, just about everything that's made her life worth living again.

Her sister Caroline has been working on helping their mom through her grief by getting her and Macy to help remodel their dad's old beach house. But nothing she or Macy do or say seems to be getting through to her, until (drum roll please) the night of the grand opening gala for the new townhouses her company has been building.

Everything that can go wrong goes wrong, but just when Macy's mom feels most out of control, her daughters and Delia and her crew step in to save the day. Macy's mom relaxes her death grip, Macy breaks up with Jason for good, and she starts dating Wes. He's the one that she wants. (Oooh, oooh, oooh.)

And life is good again.