Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 10

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 10

  • Macy's mom is totally stressing.
  • She's in charge of everything for the new neighborhood that Queen Homes is building, so she's beyond busy.
  • Caroline stops by every once in a while to update them on the progress at the beach house, and she's worried about her mom.
  • She insists that she take a vacation and finally talks her into scheduling one for the day after her big opening gala for the luxury townhouses she's working on.
  • Later that day, at a party, Wes and Macy are hanging out once again.
  • Some girls from school are staring at them, and Macy thinks it's because of her association with Jason—they think she's too perfect to be there.
  • They compare notes on what their significant others would be doing at the party: Jason would be complaining about the smoke and worried about recycling the beer cans, while Becky would be passed out somewhere or sneaking pot behind a bush. Wow. They'd really just be the life of the party, wouldn't they?
  • Then their conversation gets strangely flirty, but since they're both taken, it doesn't quite feel like it. They basically tell each other how gorgeous and amazing they are.
  • They resume their game of Truth, and Macy gets Wes to tell her he doesn't like girls staring at him. All they care about is his surface, and he's much more concerned with what's inside a person. We like the sounds of that.
  • Now Wes asks Macy why she cares so much about being that way—perfect, that is.
  • She explains that after her dad died, she needed some way to feel like she was in control of something, at least.
  • Macy's starting to fall for Wes, don't you think?
  • At the library the next day, Kristy shows up with Monica, who wanted to get some books.
  • She talks Macy into going to lunch with them, in spite of the way Bethany and Amanda will react.
  • She even yells across the library at them to stop staring. Awe. Some.
  • Macy is finally glad that she's not like them, instead of wishing she could be. Go Macy.