Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 12

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 12

  • The game of Truth continues.
  • Macy and Wes are learning all kinds of things about each other: his phobia of clowns, her getting puked on in 5th grade. You know, the important stuff.
  • But there is some serious stuff, too, like how Wes worries about Bert…
  • Who, by the way, is now on his way to his annual Armageddon club social (What? This exists?), doused in way too much cologne.
  • Macy comes into Wes and Bert's house for the first time and helps Bert decide what to wear.
  • When he leaves, Wes asks Macy if she wants to come with him to a party to drop off some car parts for a friend. She says okay.
  • When they get there, Kristy pounces.
  • She's hopping mad, thinking they're on a date and Macy didn't tell her.
  • Macy explains the situation, and Kristy pulls her into a drinking game with some guy friends of hers. Oh, dear—this won't end well.
  • By the time Wes finds her, she's pretty tipsy.
  • Kristy drags her away again to talk to some guy, who turns out to be a total creep. He starts coming on way to strong, and when Macy loses her balance trying to fight him off, who's suddenly there to catch her? Our hero: Wes.
  • Macy grabs his hand for dear life as he helps her to the car.
  • He takes her back to her house, but they sit in the driveway for hours, talking.
  • Playing Truth again, Macy tells Wes she wishes she weren't so afraid—of being spontaneous, of talking to her mom.
  • Wes's response is so sweet that Macy tells him how wonderful he is, and they almost—almost—kiss.
  • But they don't. And the game continues.
  • Macy asks Wes what one thing he would do, if he could do anything. But he won't answer. Huh?
  • So now, if Macy answers his next question, she wins.
  • But he refuses to ask. He tells her he'll ask the final question sometime soon. Interesting…
  • Just then, Macy's mom drives up, so they say goodbye, and Macy goes inside.