Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 15

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 15

  • Wes is totally impressed by Macy's nerve.
  • They're babysitting Lucy, Delia's toddler, so Delia can focus on prepping for their next event.
  • Macy has turned her cell phone off, so if Jason calls, she won't have to deal with it yet.
  • She has until 6:00, when she has to meet her mom at the picnic, to put off the meeting.
  • While she's coloring with Lucy, she notices Wes's workshop nearby and asks him to show her around.
  • They take Lucy and spin a giant whirligig for her, but soon Delia calls for Wes's help in lifting something.
  • Lucy shows Macy a bunch of smaller heart-in-hand sculptures nearby.
  • When Wes and Delia come back, it's with good news: their client has changed their mind and ordered coleslaw and macaroni and cheese, which they already have plenty of, instead of the potato salad they were going to have to spend hours making.
  • Delia is suspicious of such a stroke of luck. Too good to be true?
  • And their strange luck continues through all their preparations. Everything is working like clockwork. Weird.
  • Delia even has some extra time on her hands before they have to head out, so she chats with Macy about her mom, telling her she should keep trying to talk to her.
  • Everything at the party goes so smoothly, so much so that it even starts to freak Macy out. She has plenty of peace to start worrying about how her mom will react to her quitting.
  • When Wes asks her if she's worried about Jason, she finally realizes: it's over with Jason. (We knew it all along, didn't we?)
  • And right then, Delia's water breaks.