Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 18

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 18

  • Macy finally notices how insanely stressed and tired her mom is, especially with the grand opening gala coming up.
  • She's slipping back into her old life, now that things are over with Wes, and she even emails Jason back.
  • Wes called for a few days after their last meeting, but now he's given up.
  • Macy's mom is fighting with all the contractors and even the fancy caterer for the gala. Suddenly, Caroline pops in, and tells them it's done. Yep, the beach house is finished.
  • She wants her mom to come see it that weekend, but Deborah's too busy.
  • Caroline is upset, but at least it's only a week till their family vacation.
  • Except that—oh, c'mon—Deborah doesn't remember committing to that, and says it's impossible. She can't take a vacation.
  • Caroline blows up, yelling at her that she needs to face the past and telling her how miserable Macy has been, too.
  • Her mom still refuses, so Caroline drives away, crying.
  • At 5:00PM, Macy leaves her mom in her office and goes home.
  • There's another EZ Products box on the porch, and she opens it to see what it is.
  • A bit later, her mom calls, asking for Delia's phone number. Her caterer just quit.