Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 19

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 19

  • Caroline isn't speaking to her mom or Macy—not even emailing.
  • Deborah isn't too concerned, but Macy is.
  • Her mom has other things on her mind, though—her gala preparations are becoming more and more chaotic.
  • Everything is falling apart, and the only good news is that Delia has agreed to cater. Wow. For Deborah to consider that a good thing, everything else must be pretty bad.
  • Caroline shows up, randomly, unloading seven big angel sculptures onto their lawn so she can take pictures of them.
  • Her mom isn't thrilled about this, with the gala so near, but Caroline tells her all about how impressive Wes's work is, and how he even won a prize for it last year.
  • And once neighbors start commenting on the artwork, she asks Caroline if she'll stay overnight and leave the pieces there for the gala. And Caroline agrees.
  • That night, Macy doesn't sleep very well, and the next morning, she's woken up by… Wes.
  • He's outside, but it was her dad's voice she had heard calling her.
  • Wes is dropping something off, and he asks Macy why she wouldn't answer his calls.
  • She tells him he had been acting weird and that she had seen him with Becky.
  • He gets it now, but she goes on, saying that things were back to the way they wanted.
  • He asks her if this is really what she wants, and when she says yes (lies!), he drives away.
  • Just then, Macy notices that the tent for the gala has been shredded by the overnight wind. Like, into tiny pieces.
  • Deborah is a basket case. Everything is falling apart, and even though she's fighting her way through this day of ribbon-cuttings and last minute prep for the gala, she can't control everything.
  • Meanwhile, Macy is realizing that she has changed this summer, and that Wes had been her second chance at life. Duh.
  • She gets her dad's IOU gift out of her closet, and she opens it.
  • Get this: it's one of Wes's heart-in-hand sculptures. (Can you say sign from beyond?)
  • And just then, it starts pouring rain.