Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 2

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 2

  • Macy's mom is hosting a fancy-schmancy open house cocktail party at their home to sell the new houses her company builds.
  • Wait for it… BAM. Another flashback.
  • She and Macy's dad had run a carpentry business called Queen Homes together; in fact, that's how they'd met and fallen in love. Awww. The family that hammers together, stays together…
  • But Deborah had eventually pushed her husband to expand. Instead of just working on individual houses, or even small subdivisions, they began building an entire neighborhood, complete with a business district and everything.
  • They were super successful, but when Macy's dad died, Deborah blamed herself for causing him the added stress.
  • Back at the party now, Macy helps her mom take care of the guests. Schmooze, smile, point the way to the bathroom, you know.
  • She pops outside to get another box of flyers from the garage, when, suddenly... another flashback hits.
  • This time it's about Jason training her to take his place at the library for the summer.
  • His two co-workers—both girls—adore him, and so, of course, they can't stand Macy.
  • When she pointed that out to him, though, he got all impatient; that type of thing's not important to him.
  • Flashback over, and Macy's in the garage now, getting flyers.
  • Someone jumps out from behind the bushes and screams, "Gotcha" at her, so the flyers go… well, flying.
  • Turns out it's Bert, one of the caterers. He had thought she was someone else.
  • Someone else, as in, the really, really hot guy who shows up a second later.
  • They apologize, help her pick up the flyers, and then the head caterer calls for them.
  • Macy heads back inside to the party, where there's suddenly a loud crash from the kitchen.
  • Deborah is not happy (understatement of the year), and she sends Macy to go talk to the caterers.
  • In the kitchen, meatballs are rolling all over the floor, and Delia, the (pregnant) head caterer, is trying to calm her toddler, send out more appetizers, and cook some new ones to replace the meatballs—all at once. It's chaos, but her employees don't seem to care.
  • When Macy can get a word in, she tells Delia that her mom's mad… right as another crash comes from the living room.
  • Delia asks Macy to pitch in and help with the baking, and it turns out she's actually pretty good at it.
  • Another one of the caterers, named Monica, is apparently not so great at it. She's super slow, but somehow also incredibly accident-prone.
  • Macy's mom comes into the kitchen to find her and then confronts Delia about the evening's mishaps.
  • Delia apologizes and calms her down by offering to comp her remaining balance. She also tells her what a great help Macy's been.
  • She tells Macy she'd hire her in a heartbeat, and Macy heads back out to help her mom with the rest of the party.
  • Once it's over, Macy goes up to her room and checks her email.
  • Jason has written, but just about stuff he needs Macy to do for him at the library. He's just not a gushy guy.
  • Macy crawls out of her window to sit on the roof, where she hears all the Wish Catering employees below.
  • Delia, Monica, Bert, and the hot guy, Wes, are packing up their van, when Bert reminds Wes—his big brother, apparently—that Macy's dad used to be their track coach.
  • Macy is startled that someone knows her as anything but the girl whose dad died, and watches them drive away.