Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 4

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 4

  • Macy is standing outside the mansion where the Wish caterers are setting up, trying to work up the courage to go in.
  • Just as she decides to leave, a girl comes out.
  • Macy can't stop staring at the huge scars on the girl's face (smooth, Macy), but finally asks for Delia.
  • The girl tells her that Delia is up in the kitchen and asks if Macy will help her push some carts up the hill to the house, if she's headed that way anyway. Talk about the ability to delegate.
  • Her name is Kristy, and she's Monica's sister.
  • When they get to the kitchen, Macy asks Delia if her job offer still stands.
  • Delia tells her she's hired, and after Kristy's pleading, lets Macy drive the van up the hill to unload the rest of their stuff, even though it's against the mansion's rules.
  • Kristy and Delia give Macy a crash course in catering, warning her about "gobblers" (who'll eat everything off your tray if you let them) and "grabbers" (who'll actually try to keep you from moving away from them.).
  • Once she starts making the rounds at the wedding reception, she's shocked at how much gossip she overhears about the bride's and groom's families.
  • The main problem, though, is that the bride is crying over the napkins Delia had printed.
  • They say "Molly and Roger, Forever…" instead of "Molly and Roger, Forever." Bridezilla, anyone?
  • Macy tries to help, by explaining what an ellipsis is—but that just makes it worse. She feels awful, but Kristy tells her it's not her fault.
  • After the party, which was just one narrowly averted disaster after the next, Macy can't understand how everyone else could be so calm about it all, when she'd been totally stressing.
  • Suddenly, Bert and Wes drive up in Bert's new car. Well, new to him; he got it at an auto salvage yard. And… it's an ambulance.
  • It turns out it's Bert's 16th birthday. Oh, and he and Wes are Delia's nephews.
  • Kristy, Monica, Bert, and Wes decide to go out driving in the new "car," and they invite Macy, too. But she's too haunted by the memory of her last ride in an ambulance with her dad to be able to say yes.