Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 6

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 6

  • Now it's Wes's turn to jump out at Bert. They're at another catering event, and Macy is hiding in a closet with him, waiting.
  • Whoa, what? Macy's hiding in a closet with Wes? What's going on there? Did we miss something?
  • No, no, nothing's going on. Macy just came in to hang up a guest's wrap, and found him in there, waiting to pounce on Bert.
  • The pounce is successful, Bert screams like a girl, and then he vows revenge on both of them.
  • They all head to the kitchen, where Delia realizes they've left the main course—six hams—at her house. Oops.
  • As usual, she figures out a way to save the day, and everyone goes home happy.
  • Macy is really enjoying the craziness of the catering job, and the new friends she's made, but she still never goes out with them afterwards.
  • When she goes home, she sees her dad's old truck parked outside. That means Caroline has come to visit.
  • At lunch the next day, Caroline tries to talk their mom into renovating their dad's old beach house and then going there for a family vacation.
  • Their mom really fights the idea, but Caroline eventually brings her around to it. She's trying to help her deal with his death.
  • Lunch takes so long that Macy is 20 minutes late getting back to the library. Uh-oh…
  • When Bethany and Amanda comment, she finally realizes that not only will she never be perfect, but you know what? She doesn't want to be.
  • That night, after a catering job, she finally agrees to go out with Kristy and the gang.