Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 7

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 7

  • Of course, going out on a Friday night requires a bit of primping, so first they head to Kristy and Monica's house, a trailer home they share with their grandma (the woman from the produce stand). Man, everyone's related.
  • Kristy gives Macy a total makeover, from her clothes to her hair, while Monica watches.
  • As Kristy works on her, she tells her she got her scars in a car accident. She was even bald for a while because of a surgery she had to have on the back of her head.
  • Her mom had been drunk, driving her to school, and hit a tree. Monica was home sick that day.
  • Once she finishes putting curlers in Macy's hair, she heads to the bathroom to get some bronzer (for her um, cleavage), and Macy is so far out of her comfort zone that she panics.
  • She starts taking the curlers out, grabs her purse, and is almost to the door when Kristy comes back in.
  • Not realizing she was trying to escape, she talks her into finishing the makeover, and when Macy sees the final product in the mirror, she's amazed. She looks great.
  • Bert picks them up in his ambulance (cool?), and they drive out to a party in a park.
  • Kristy and Monica head over to get beers, and Macy sits with Bert on his bumper.
  • She sees Wes talking with a group of guys and feels a lurch in her stomach. And when he sees her, he comes right over.
  • But suddenly, someone else comes over, too. A girl Macy used to run with in track—and she's drunk.
  • She brings up Macy's past and her dad's death, and Macy is horrified that her new friends now know her history.
  • But her new friends turn out to be totally and completely awesome about it.
  • Kristy takes her hand, and they all tell her what an idiot that girl was. Not one of them makes that sympathetic face Macy hates.
  • The girls end up in the ambulance, talking boys. (Duh.)
  • Kristy tells Macy about her last boyfriend, who had left her for dead in the middle of nowhere. (Seriously? That's all we get? We need more info here.)
  • Macy tells Kristy and Monica a little about her situation with Jason, and then they talk about how dreamy Wes is.
  • Kristy and Monica had both had mega crushes on him when they first met, but now he's like family to them.
  • The girls want to know why Jason and Macy are on a break, so she explains—and Kristy is outraged on Macy's behalf. (Thank you. So are we.)
  • She gives Macy a pep talk, telling her she deserves better. Amen.
  • Kristy and Monica leave to get more beer, and guess who comes over to take their place? Wes.
  • Macy is tongue-tied, but finally asks him about the tattoo on his arm; it's the same design as his sculpture.
  • He tells her it's really his mom's design, and after her death, he started playing around with it.
  • They bond over their parents' deaths, and then start talking about running. Wes is into it, too, but isn't as fast as Macy was.
  • When Kristy gets back, she whispers to Macy that she could totally tell she's into him.