Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Chapter 9

By Sarah Dessen

Chapter 9

  • Another catering job, and guess who's there? Jason's parents. Yikes.
  • She tries to stay in the kitchen, shelling shrimp with Wes (so romantic?), but when Monica drops a couple of glasses of red wine on the carpet, Delia makes her go out to try to get the stain out.
  • As she scrubs, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot recognize her, and they come over to ask why she's there.
  • Kristy comes over to see what's going on, and Mr. Talbot has a little chat with Macy about Jason's decision regarding their relationship.
  • Kristy is horrified on Macy's behalf and storms into the kitchen to tell everyone how rude he just was.
  • Macy considers just walking out, she is so mortified. But she decides to stay, knowing that even if she doesn't fit into the Talbots' world anymore, at least she belongs in her new friends' world.
  • After the party, Delia feels like she's forgetting something, but can't for the life of her remember what.
  • So they all get into their separate cars—Wes and Macy alone in the van, by the way—to leave.
  • Kristy, Monica, Wes, and Macy are headed to another party. Or, at least, that was the plan.
  • But after about five minutes, the van runs out of gas. That's what Delia forgot.
  • So Wes and Macy are stranded together in the middle of nowhere. Hmmm…not such a bad situation, actually…
  • They start walking to find a gas station, and they play a word game as they go. It's like a road trip car game on foot.
  • But pretty soon, they change games.
  • Now they're playing Truth. (No, not Truth or Dare, just Truth. Got it? Okay. Just checking.)
  • The rules are pretty simple: you ask a question, and the other person has to tell the truth. If they won't answer it, though, and you answer the next question they ask you, you win.
  • Macy asks Wes why he was sent to reform school, and he tells her he and some friends broke into a house to drink a few beers.
  • Then he asks her about Jason, so she gives him the scoop.
  • They quibble about the rules of the game for a few minutes, and then she asks him about his last girlfriend—only to find out that he still has a girlfriend. As in, he's taken.
  • Even worse? She's in jail and rehab. Her name is Becky.
  • She gets out at the end of the summer. So… same situation there as with Jason and Macy? Hmm, not quite.
  • Wes asks Macy why she stopped running, so she hesitantly tells him about her dad's death.
  • Right as he's about to comment, a car finally drives by, and stops to give them a ride.
  • The man driving tells them that the closest gas station was just a few minutes in the opposite direction from the place they broke down, and he takes them there.
  • Kristy calls to find out what's keeping them and tells them they might as well go home—the party's a dud.